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August 26, 2012
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Eli and Danny Refs by SHADOWFAN996 Eli and Danny Refs by SHADOWFAN996
:giggle: Hey look, something non-sonic related.

^^; Though I do apologize for those waiting on their commissions, but for some reason, I can't work on any of them without entering some type of tournament. XDD ^^' I'm kinda fascinated by those things at the moment. And since, :iconoctournamentofrings: is an OC tournament. I decided to use some of the OC characters I actually have, but have never posted up onto DA.

Now hopefully I'll be able to get to those commissions. Aloong with an audition entry for this tournament I'm entering in.

Okay, so moving on to the character Bios:


Name: Danny Dragonfly, (normally just called Danny)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Dragonfly

Height: Can change sizes from 2 1/2 inches to 6ft 9in

Weight: when he's small he's really light, when he's at his tall height he's about 78lb

Eye Color: Golden Yellow

Personality: Can sometimes be a little cocky, smart, calm (unless something really major importante (like fate of the world important) comes along. he might freak out just a little, but he will try to keep his composer once he shakes some sense back into himself (this is referring to a part in my audition where he freaks out because the Darkness and Dimensional Element was detected in the Valley where the Tournament is taking place))

Likes: Toying with people, making people think he's weak just cuz he looks small (Cuz outside of battle, he normally is in his small, normal height), and likes sitting on Eli's shoulder (sometimes relaxes on Eli's head too)

Dislikes: People making fun of Eli, anyone who hurts Eli, people who are WAAY too cocky or hotheaded

Powers/Abilities: With his dragonfly amulet, he has the abilities of Earth (plants and Rocks), Water, wind and air. His amulet also gives him the ability to change sizes, so that he can match his opponent if they are to large for him at his minimum, normal height. Even if he is small, he can fly extremely fast. He also, (though not often) uses fist combat in fights, he prefers having a safe distance from his opponent if they prove to strong for him (especially when matched up against a fairly buff or supernaturally strengthened character)

Strengths: He's very agile, and quick to think on his feet (OR in the air). He is an extremely fast flyer (and can fly in any direction he chooses, forward, backwards, diagonally, zig zag etc..), knows a little hand to hand combat and can kick hard if at his tallest height. When he's small, he can be pretty hard to spot if he's hiding.

Weaknesses: The element opposite to the one he's using being stronger than his, without his amulet; he has to rely on his speed (but he makes sure that he never looses it and guards it with his life, his dimension's world depends on that. And to ensure that, he uses enchanted, uncuttable string to tie his amulet around his neck). He also isn't all that strong when he's small either. Most of his elemental powers are hard to use in close range combat (Though that doesn't mean ALL of them are).

Gear: His communicator translates his native dragonfly language into English, the dials on it can change the volume of his voice from a low whisper, to one loud enough for people around him to hear, he only uses these settings when he's small, because there is no use for it when he's at his larger size cuz his voice volume corresponds with his size. His communicator also automatically translates other languages to one he understands, no matter what dimension. If he chooses to, he can change the dial language setting to any other one he wants (This is so he can change his voice so it's heard in the language of his choosing).


When he was born, he was born with a minor defect, he only had 2 wings instead of 4. He had 7 other brothers and sisters, none of them had any defects like him witch made him unique. Unfortunately his father hated this "unique" feature about him, and what's more, Danny had a fascination for the world of giants (pretty much every living creature that wasn't an insect, arachnid, slug etc..). His father ignored his wife's please when he forcefully tossed Danny out of their lives. He was only 5 at the time and had to scavenge around on his own.

When he was 12, Danny had an encounter with a scientist who had invented a device that allowed him to speak with animals and bugs. He took Danny as a test subject, but came out unsuccessful. The scientist was going to retire from his work that night when Danny wandered over to the device, and not knowing what was going on, he asked the scientist why he was there. The device, picked up on Danny's voice and translated it into english.

Astonished, the scientist worked the rest of the night into developing a translator headset for Danny.

At the age of 14, he met a young female wizard named Mel who was looking for stones called the "Elemental Gem Stones". After telling his story to Mel, she offered for him to join her on her journey. He happily agreed.

On one of their journeys, they came across a grey, almost white elemental stone. Mel could not find what element it was and questioned if it was an elemental stone at all. Danny took the stone in his hands to examine it. And once he did, he miraculously changed size and was now much taller.

Mel figured that fate had made the stone for him to use and harness, along with the other elements, and to help save the world from the evil warlock, Mardoom. Then using what stones they had collected, she created an amulet for Danny, so that he could use the elements when needed.

Unfortunately they were ambushed by shadowy entities before she could finish, leaving the fire and Protective elements incomplete. They eventually defeated these creatures with the help of a furry creature named Eli, who had happened to be coming by as he herd their struggles. They offered if Eli would like to join them on their quest and he unquestionably agreed.

They have not had time to finish the remaining components of the amulet, saying that finding the remaining stones is more important at the moment.


Name: Eli

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: unknown

Height: 5ft 3 1/2in

Weight: 87lb

Eye Color: Right eye is sky blue, left eye is yellow

Personality: Nice, protective, curious

Likes: Fighting for his friends and heroic causes, exploring, meeting people, singing a little, Butterflies

Dislikes: Being unable to eat, (because even if he opens his mouth, the stitching over it blocks food from passing through, if he tries pulling/pushing at the strings, they cause him great pain, and they are enchanted so they can not be cut), yelling at people, people calling him names, fighting females (Unless they attack him first), people being beat up/yelled at for stupid reasons.

Powers/Abilities: His tail can morph into anything, from grappling hooks to spiked ball and chain ( he can even make a large wall tall and wide enough to protect him, and a second person, 3 if they cram close enough (technically he could make it bigger, but he usually works with a team of 3 so..)), Mel lent him the fire and ice element so that he could use them if needed, he harness's them by morphing his tail into either a flame thrower or a freeze ray gun (he does not have the other elements they have collected because Mel needs them while she searches for the rest as well)

Strengths: Good at weapons combat when using his tail. His tail can morph into at least 2 different things at once (he's still working on enhancing this ability), If he were to use both of the elemental stones' abilities at one time (typically used to create water), he'd have his tail morph into the freeze ray and the flamethrower (however, one of his hands needs to hold the flamethrower to keep it steady)

Weaknesses: sharp objects if they rip or tear at the cloths that are stitched onto his body, Fear of knives (but not swords or anything else sharp, just knives), arachnophobia, Being called stitches, patches, or anything describing his patched up/stitched up areas. He also can get distracted by butterflies. Also, if he gets angry/annoyed and screams out, he'll apologize immediately after he comes back to his senses (witch isn't really that long) this makes him slightly vulnerable and set as an easy target due to his apologetic distraction (unless the person who got him angry or annoyed left him with a bad impression of them) However note: that if you do take this weakness and attack him while he's apologizing, he may, I repeat MAY have his anger get flared up again and could possibly fight much more aggressively than he normally would (The reason this happens is because of the tiny bit of poisonous spider venom that remains in his body)

Gear:he has a small sewing kit packed up in his tail's storage box (When his tail is morphed into a storage box anyway.) Just in case something happens to his patches of cloth.


His parents were people who liked to study insects/arachnids. His mother studied butterflies. His father, studied spider arachnids.

His mother came to an unfortunate accident, causing her to pass away early in Eli's life.

His father came across a dangerous species of spider. It's venom can make people with the kindest of hearts, filled with anger and rage. Eli accidentally walked in on his father as he was examining them. With the slightest distraction, his father lost focus and was bitten.

His father's struggle with the venom, caused a large riot. The cage holding these spiders broke and attacked his father. Eli's father yelled at his son in rage, mostly due to the venom. And uncontrollably attacked his son, cutting his ear right ear. Eli lost consciousness and due to the venom, his father was on the brink of death. (A note, Eli was also bitten a few times by these venomous spiders, but not enough to induce death)

Miraculously, an angel appeared. Eli's father, with the last bit of sanity he had left and realized what he had done, begged the angel to take care of his son.

When Eli came to, he had somehow lost most of his memories, he could only remember seeing his father being attacked by those venous spiders. The angel was unable to heal him to his once used to be state, so he now has patches of cloth, holding them in place. The angel also gave him the ability to morph his tail into anything of his choice, knowing his future would need this ability to protect his world.

As he wandered his world, knowing nothing about it anymore, and homeless he found things to be odd. He saw villages in poor states, weird shadowy creatures torturing innocent people.

One time he saw a child being beaten to death only because he picked up a rock on the floor that one of the creatures had dropped. Eli was outraged by this and using his tail morphing abilities, beat up the shadowy creature until it dissipated into smoke.

He found that doing this heroic deed gave him more meaning to life. So he continued on, protecting those in need, becoming a kind of vigilante if you will. This eventually had him meet a female wizard, named Mel, and a size changing Dragonfly named Danny. Hearing of there quest to defeat the warlock that was causing all the innocence to suffer, he joined them on there team.

Also, due to the venom Eli has in his body, if he is angered/frustrated enough. His eyes turn snake like, his right eye turns orange, his left turns red, and his voice echoes a little and sounds venomous. This only last a few moments, sometimes a little longer, once he comes back to his senses however, he is immediately surprised by not being able to control his anger, and then he'll act very sympathetically. Apologizing for his behavior. (Unless the person angering him has left an undesirable impression on him, the venom will stay slightly in tuned with him. He will still look calm, eyes and voice normal, but he will fight a lot more aggressively towards that person.)


^^ There, so now if you got any questions about these guys feel free to ask.
Hope you guys like it.

Danny, Mel and EliŠ: :iconshadowfan996:

EDIT- Pfft, put some things in the wrong place in Eli's Bio, I fixed it. I'll double check to make sure everything in Eli's bio is okie doke.

EDIT(sorta): T^T I think I did Eli's side reference pic wrong. >3<; not fair. -3-; Bah, but I really don't fill like fixing it, hopefully you guys can see the mistake, if not then I'll tells ya: the patch on Eli's side view bang area should be on the left side, not the right... At least I told you all.

EDIT 2- There, I fixed up ALL of the mistakes on Eli's reference picture :D

EDIT 3-XDD Will I not stop editing this?! XD Aaanyway, I only added a few more weaknesses to Danny and put a mention in Eli's Bio that he has a small sewing kit in case of injury to his patched up cloth. So, nothing big.

EDIT 4 Added some more weaknesses to Eli and a few other things.

EDIT 5 XDD Holy fudge nuggets, I keep editing things here don't I? Anyway, just explaining a bit of Eli's tail's powers and making sure everything's in order. Hopefully this is the last edit I'll do for this. XDD Here's hoping.

Audition Page 1: [link]
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ImaginaryParadox Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Student General Artist
Eli is adorable- patchwork creatures are amazing <3
SHADOWFAN996 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:giggle: Thanks, I'm glad you think he's adorable. ^^ btw I really like your characters Jack and Jill. :D They seem like awesome characters to compete against.
ImaginaryParadox Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Student General Artist
youre welcome! and thank you so much!! :D
SHADOWFAN996 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
^^ No problem!
FlameoftheDark Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist
:giggle: oh not Sonic related :/ XDD Heh, they are sweet characters ^^
Good luck in the tourney! :iconlaaaplz: Maybe I'll enter if I'm not busy... XD
SHADOWFAN996 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
XDD Yeah, since this tourney is an OC tournament, no fan characters are allowed. ^^ lucky for me, I don't just have Sonic fc's. XD Though I made Eli up a little while ago for this other OCT I found, eh, but I decided to use him for this one (And designed a different character I'm gunna try to enter into that other one)! XD And then I randomly decided to use a slightly different design of Danny to go along with Eli. (I woulda used Mel, but I thought she had a little too much power for this, so Danny got dragged into here with a few power upgrades XDD)

:giggle: And thanks! XDD Well, if you did, you'd have to hurry. The deadline for ref pictures and audition entries is September 24th
FlameoftheDark Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist
XDD I have two human characters XDD so yeah XDDD oh ok.. XD hheheheh

XD no prob! oh noes! XDDD I might... depends XD
SHADOWFAN996 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
XDD huzzah for us not just having only Sonic FC's!! :dummy: XDDD

:giggle: XDD Kay well if you do decide to enter, it'd be fun to at least know ONE person in this tourney XDD Everyone else entering is a stranger to me. And they have so many cool characters and most of them are pretty tough too. It'd be the work of witchcraft or somethin' if I actually make it past the auditions.
FlameoftheDark Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist
XDDDD :dummy: yesh!

XDD oh my. XD I'll try my best. I sorta have strange characters, one a animal whispering farm teen ( or something like that... XD )and a used to be possessed teen, who has bad effects on him. XDD he wears a scarf around his mouth cause of the effects... it scares people. XDDDD
SHADOWFAN996 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist

XDD Well some of the people entering (if not all) have strange characters too. XDD And there are like 58 people entering so I haven't been able to look at all of them, but I can probably be sure that you're characters would be just fine XDD And if you wanted, you can enter characters in as a team of 2 (even if they come from 2 different dimensions from one another) XDD That's why I gots Eli and Danny on the same Reference pic XDD (Course in the audition I'm puttin' them in, they come from the same world, which works too XDD)
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