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Non-Animated Icons [Closed]
These icons are fairly simply to make and can be made for more than just Sonic FCs. Come with both the 150x150 and 50x50 sizes.
Logo [Closed]
These examples are made for Sonic characters, however due to their simplicity, I can create them for any fc/oc that you may have.
Animated-Blinking Icons [Closed]
Fairly easy to make, blinking icons. Added effects like the wings in:  :PC: Rima Icon by SHADOWFAN996 are not that hard either, but will be an added 5:points: in a separate payment. Come with both the 150x150 and 50x50 sizes.
Flat Color [Closed]
Most times, I'll draw your character with smooth line work and give it a flat color in. Simple backdrop backgrounds are an additional 5 points.
Shaded Drawings [Closed]
Crisp, smooth lines, colored and shaded. Simple background is optional, but these are usually transparent. If you want a more detailed background, it's an additional 15 points.
Wallpaper [Closed]
A wall paper drawing on your fc/oc character. Includes a colored bust and background close-up. Border is optional.

Newest Deviations

Error!Sans by SHADOWFAN996 Error!Sans :iconshadowfan996:SHADOWFAN996 13 6 Underfell: Simple Kiss by SHADOWFAN996 Underfell: Simple Kiss :iconshadowfan996:SHADOWFAN996 8 0 *i have some advice for fighting my bro... by SHADOWFAN996 *i have some advice for fighting my bro... :iconshadowfan996:SHADOWFAN996 5 0
Mature content
Undertale: The Demon Within Ch.1 :iconshadowfan996:SHADOWFAN996 0 0
Frisk Doodle by SHADOWFAN996 Frisk Doodle :iconshadowfan996:SHADOWFAN996 9 2
PMDU: Cactus Field Tasks [Placeholder]
“Wooooo!” Sparkz cheered, his stubby paws clinging to the rim of the enormous hat as it’s owner galloped along on all fours. “C’mon Lucas! Keep up!”
Several yards behind the Furret and Joltik, the tall lean Kirlia was panting, appearing heavily exhausted. “I-I’ll be right there!” He called back between heavy pants. “Just… Just give me a minute…” Lucas didn’t have the volume for his last sentence to be heard by the pair as he collapsed to his knees.
The ponytailed mon was already low on energy, there’s no way he’d catch up to his friend and Monty before reaching the Cactus Fields. He just didn’t have the stamina. He looked onward as his fellow Explorers grew smaller in the distance when suddenly a fit of laughter snatched his attention.
Turning his head back, he flinched when he saw the all to familiar Sableye riding atop his companion. “Oh dear…” He whispered to himse
:iconshadowfan996:SHADOWFAN996 3 0
PMDU: Team Dark Glamour (Official Writing App)
HUNTERS GUILD: Team Dark Glamour
Date Joined: 09/21/13
Current Funds: 7 St
Merits: 2
Strikes: 2
Species: Sabeleye
Nature: Impish
Characteristic: Highly Persistent
Gender: Male (bi)        Age: N/A
Ability: Keen Eye
Strength: 2                 Agility: 3
Intelligence: 3+2        Charisma: 1
Total Points Left: 1/10
Type Bonus: Ghost -> Intelligence
Shadow Sneak
Aerial Ace
Fire Punch
-Gem Cape
----Description: A pale, dark blue cape covered in colorful, delicious, mouth-watering gemstones. Sableye might find themselves hungry just looking at it...
-Hand-Made Kunai
----Description: An Iapon-style farming tool turned throwing dagger. Sturdy, but crafted from shoddy materials. It has a certain charm to it though, as if it was made with much love. (Allows the use of the moves Fling and Rec
:iconshadowfan996:SHADOWFAN996 3 0
Restart Already!!! by SHADOWFAN996 Restart Already!!! :iconshadowfan996:SHADOWFAN996 16 7 PMDA Hallows Eve: S.S by SHADOWFAN996 PMDA Hallows Eve: S.S :iconshadowfan996:SHADOWFAN996 8 6 AATR Audition (Link In Description) by SHADOWFAN996 AATR Audition (Link In Description) :iconshadowfan996:SHADOWFAN996 2 0
M0: Wings of Light
(Note: This is just a copy I used of her Written App, no point in reading it again if you've already gone through it once right?)
A young female Gardevoir approaches the Kecleon’s building, he smooth strides hardly make a sound in the quite, peaceful sounds of the outside world. She gazes up at the building with a confident smile.  The Kecleon’s building is shaped like a normal Kecleon head, however, the coloration bears a striking resemblance to Dunsparce. Annabelle, as the Gardevoir called herself, could never recall if this had been intentional when the construction process was still taking place, but she found it a unique aspect nonetheless. Annabelle knocks on the door, papers in hand as she awaits the packmen inside to answer.
Annabelle anxiously waited for the door to be answered, this was her fourth visit to the Kecleon’s home, ready to re-apply once again to her favorite guild. She giggled slightly at the thought that Devdsas had somehow lost all of his
:iconshadowfan996:SHADOWFAN996 0 0
M0: Heroic Eyes Paper Catch! by SHADOWFAN996 M0: Heroic Eyes Paper Catch! :iconshadowfan996:SHADOWFAN996 2 0 M0: Fairytale Oceans by SHADOWFAN996 M0: Fairytale Oceans :iconshadowfan996:SHADOWFAN996 1 0 PMDA M0: Papers Please! [p End] by SHADOWFAN996 PMDA M0: Papers Please! [p End] :iconshadowfan996:SHADOWFAN996 4 5 PMDA M0: Papers Please! [p5] by SHADOWFAN996 PMDA M0: Papers Please! [p5] :iconshadowfan996:SHADOWFAN996 1 2 PMDA M0: Papers Please! [p4] by SHADOWFAN996 PMDA M0: Papers Please! [p4] :iconshadowfan996:SHADOWFAN996 4 6


SHADOWFAN996 has started a donation pool!
1,076 / 100,000

Please donate, or else The Mangle will getcha~

Slowly working on getting some new games... Kinda hard since they have to be mac compatible. I'll get some eventually... Just you wait...

List of PC Games owned so far:
-Castle Crashers
-Chaos on Deponia
-Clicker Heroes
-Don't Starve (And Don't Starve Together)
-Dota 2
-Five Nights at Freddy's
-Five Nights at Freddy's 2
-Five Nights at Freddy's 3
-Garry's Mod
-Get Off My Lawn
-Goat Simulator
-Goodbye Deponia
-Guns of Icarus Online
-I am Bread
-League of Legends
-Long Live The Queen
-Melody's Escape
-Narcissu 1st & 2nd
-Spiral Knights
-Team FOrtress 2
-To the Moon
*If you wanna play any of the multi-player games with me, just send me a note and we'll chat*

My birthday badge

My Accounts:

If I get enough points I might even be able to do Contest prizes and kiribans.


Please Join my groups :iconsonic-adoption-corp:, and :icongrandmobiustournies: It's for Sonic F.C.s or O.C.s, I'd really appreciate if you joined.

My art status:


Come find me on:

My username is Alex_VanGamer

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[Art of My Characters:]

Mission 1: Obstacle Course (3/6) by NahmanJaydun
[not a very productive few months... Anyway, thanks for the cameo btw~!]

Heh, well then... *claps hands together and awkwardly sways forward and back* I've kind dropped the ball here haven't I?
Right... So let's go through the updates to explain why.



I auditioned for Artists At The Ready as you guys all know cuz of that post a while back. Yeah, I didn't make it in. But that's okay, I ended up getting flooded with schoolwork I needed to do once the First Round started, so there's no way I'd be able to work on it.

[Extra Life:]

Yeah, that event I went to last year to raise money for Kids at local hospitals. I went there and had a pretty good time. In total I've raised quite a bit of money, especially thanks to that livestream I held earlier this year. I tried to host another a week before my schools event, but my software wasn't working. I'll play around with that some more soon and hopefully be able to play something for you guys.

[Old Art That I Owe:]

Thank god no one's bugged me about this stuff again... But uuuh... I don't know if I'll get back into the swing of things anymore. Sonic style is waaaaay behind me now and a lot of those requests revolved around them...

I MAY be able to get three or four of them, but... yeah, I'll most likely be dropping the others. I'm really sorry about that. There are just too many and I never should have accepted the amount I did. I just really didn't want to say no.

I want a clean slat to-do list to work on... And I can't do that with this hefty load of art for a style I'm not all that into anymore.

Like I said. I'll DO about three or four of them... If you requested something from me, contact me. The first handful that get back to me will get their requests DONE, I swear on my LIFE for that. Otherwise, they'll ALL be dropped.


[Also known as the Trashcan of Tumblr.]

Kay, so this... THIS. Right here. Is the BIG reason why I haven't been doing near jack on DA anymore. Now don't worry. I'm not deleting my DA accounts or leaving or anything like that.

My DA will still be here. And I will check it, on occasion. HOWEVER. My obsession with Undertale has taken a serious turn to my attention.

If you would like to see more from me there, go on ahead. It's set for asks, fanart, and roleplays.

There's the link for you all if you want it. I need some questions for my muses though, it'd help if some of you Undertale Fans wouldn't mind dropping some of those in for me, anon or not.

[Until Next Time:]

Definitely, like I said, I'm not 'leaving' DA. I'll post my Undertale Fanart and will most likely post the usual few PMDA/PMDU things and requests here from time to time. But I'm sure after this fan craze dies down, I'll be right as rain and be more active here again.

So! That's it from me!

Keep being Awesome guys!

And I hope to see you all again soon!

-Alex (A.K.A. :iconshadowfan996:)

[Featured Art:]

.Old cover_1.+ by Kintanga Patch Adams by uotapo Pearl 2015 by Peccosa<da:thumb id="575818706"/>


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United States

Ha, this is about a year old. Never really thought I'd put up an actual picture of myself as my da ID, but here ya go!

The audio files I have scattered around up there on my different pages are most likely songs that suit a certain character it's either above or underneath of. These are all also kind of different aspects of myself. Since I can't really find one main theme song for myself.

Anyway, if you wanna chat. Go on and send me a note or comment down below. I've made a resolution type thing where I will always reply to a comment I get. So you're all welcome to speak to me, although, I will apologize if my replies are late or spacey.


Here are My Friends and Acquaintances.







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