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Non-Animated Icons [Closed]
:PC: Darkstar icon by SHADOWFAN996
Lucas Icon by SHADOWFAN996
These icons are fairly simply to make and can be made for more than just Sonic FCs. Come with both the 150x150 and 50x50 sizes.
Logo [Closed]
Storm logo by SHADOWFAN996
Storm's Chao logo by SHADOWFAN996
:CM: KC Logo by SHADOWFAN996
:PC: Kronos Logo by SHADOWFAN996
:CP: Mei Li Logo by SHADOWFAN996
These examples are made for Sonic characters, however due to their simplicity, I can create them for any fc/oc that you may have.
Animated-Blinking Icons [Closed]
:PC: Spade icon by SHADOWFAN996
:PC: Rima Icon by SHADOWFAN996
:PC: Nitro Icon by SHADOWFAN996
Seventh Icon: Eli and Danny by SHADOWFAN996
:PC: Dron Icon by SHADOWFAN996
Devin-icon-(50x50) by SHADOWFAN996
Fairly easy to make, blinking icons. Added effects like the wings in: :PC: Rima Icon by SHADOWFAN996 are not that hard either, but will be an added 5:points: in a separate payment. Come with both the 150x150 and 50x50 sizes.
Flat Color [Closed]
Psychic by SHADOWFAN996
SS-FluffyCloudBunny by SHADOWFAN996
Most times, I'll draw your character with smooth line work and give it a flat color in. Simple backdrop backgrounds are an additional 5 points.
Shaded Drawings [Closed]
Fairy of the Opera by SHADOWFAN996
C.P. 1: Burning Tiara by SHADOWFAN996
Meditite by SHADOWFAN996
Crisp, smooth lines, colored and shaded. Simple background is optional, but these are usually transparent. If you want a more detailed background, it's an additional 15 points.
Wallpaper [Closed]
Devin the Insane Wallpaper by SHADOWFAN996
A wall paper drawing on your fc/oc character. Includes a colored bust and background close-up. Border is optional.

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SHADOWFAN996 has started a donation pool!
1,076 / 100,000

Please donate, or else The Mangle will getcha~

Slowly working on getting some new games... Kinda hard since they have to be mac compatible. I'll get some eventually... Just you wait...

List of PC Games owned so far:
-Castle Crashers
-Chaos on Deponia
-Don't Starve
-Dota 2
-Five Nights at Freddy's
-Five Nights at Freddy's 2
-Five Nights at Freddy's 3
-Garry's Mod
-Get Off My Lawn
-Haunted Memories
-I am Bread
-League of Legends
-Melody's Escape
-Narcissu 1st & 2nd
-Spiral Knights
-To the Moon
*If you wanna play any of the multi-player games with me, just send me a note and we'll chat*

My birthday badge

My Accounts:

If I get enough points I might even be able to do Contest prizes and kiribans.


Please Join my groups :iconsonic-adoption-corp:, and :icongrandmobiustournies: It's for Sonic F.C.s or O.C.s, I'd really appreciate if you joined.

My art status:


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July 2015 Update!

Wed Jul 8, 2015, 1:44 PM
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Just Do It by Schmoyoho
  • Reading: Religious Studies Book P:
  • Watching: Markiplier
PMDU - Happy Birthday SHADOWFAN996 by TamberMana By ~:icontambermana:

XD I know, haven't made a journal in a while... ouo; I'm so sorry. I had a terrible art block and all I could draw were ponies. So I'll update you guys on a few things now since my PM is almost done and I wanna use another custom skin of Devin~!

New Watchers/Old Watchers

Hi hi! :D So glad you all started watching me! Even when I wasn't really on the past 3-4 months. Really means a lot.

I really don't say it enough, but I really do appreciate the fact that there are over 300 people watching me on this account. Even if not that many of you guys comment or fav. If you at least spend a moment of your time just looking at ANY of my drawings, I feel content.

Love you guys! All of you!

Birthday Wishes

Is it.... Is it too late to thank you all for the happy birthday wishes you guys gave me back in March? Yes? No? Well too bad, I'm sayin' it anyway!

You guys are just such wonderful people. I wanted to do something for everyone who wished me an awesome birthday, like, I doodle of people hugging me with their faces being everyone's icon.

So just know, even though I didn't reply to any of them. Their saved on my computer and I appreciated every single one I received.

I really love when my birthday comes around, not just cuz the free presents and stuff. But I see either old users or new wish me a happy birthday. And I feel like you guys really care about me and stuff.

A couple months ago, I was talking to a friend of mine on skype. And it wasn't until he actually typed those words... And I read them out loud. That it really hit me right in the feels. He may just say it was cuz he was 'drunk'or that it was like 3 o'clock in the morning and I was just tired or whatever. But apparently my inner self needed somebody other than family to say that.

But enough about all that mushy stuff!

Other Social Medias/Streams

Yeah, I've got accounts on other social medias and a streaming site.
I don't really update too much on them, which probably effects this, but if I get more watchers and followers and all that I'll post pictures there before they get posted here.

Facebook Group



Twitch Streaming Channel

Hopefully I'll be able to start doing more Twitch Streams soon. I've got summer classes I'm taking, as well as a few vacation trips.

I'll see what I can do though.


For those who don't know, I have an account just for my Original Characters

You know, guys like this:

ToR Collab: Eli and Danny by SHADOWFAN996 Devin the Insane by DeaMON-Corp-Arstasia Maynay Telarose by SHADOWFAN996 Frost sketches~ by SHADOWFAN996 Micro by SHADOWFAN996Macro by SHADOWFAN996

That aren't part on any particular fandom or whatever.

They're over at :icondeamon-corp-arstasia:
(I said I wasn't gunna link it anymore, but I changed my mind :P )

And at the moment, I'm working on entering: :iconthe-salt-islands-oct:


Salt Island Oct Ref: Devin Anderson by DeaMON-Corp-Arstasia & Salt Island OCT Ref: Tian Fae (''Maynay'') by DeaMON-Corp-Arstasia

(He's only wearing cloths cuz he can't go where he's going naked :P)

And I'm deciding if I wanna join :iconmulligrubs-oct: hosted by the faboo Shainbow senpaii :D As well as being judged by a lot of other people I know. As well as a few recognizable competitors.

So we'll see.

I also just recently went through one of my old sketches and gave some doodle an official design. I didn't actually think he'd become a 'character' with any sort of background, but it happened. And I like it.

Beta Scrapmetal Ref by DeaMON-Corp-Arstasia

(his bio will be put in the pic's description later~)


Yeah yeah, I know most of you don't care. But this section is for those who do. So you can just skip over it.

To those who stayed, or just wanted to see what the hey I was gunna write. I just wanted to say I made an MLP account, so that it doesn't get cluttered in here.

I have a few drawings there, as well as quite a handful more just waiting in to be posted. So yeah. That's all really.

PM Ending!?

D'aww, I don't feel like I took full advantage of it. But I'm happy to have had it while I could.

And even though I won't be able to use my collection of fancy skins (Some I still haven't used yet) that's okay.

I will still promote fanart or other drawings that my characters are featured in.

I'm also thinking about adding other art that I think looks great too.

So the top of my journals would be pics featuring my characters, while the bottom features other kinds of art.

I watch a lot of people though, so we'll have to see how that goes.

If I were to get another PM again? Well! That would be splendid! Do you KNOW how many subfolders, and widgets I spammed over my gallery and profile??

I'm just glad subfolders actually stay when my PM times out, I just wont be able to add new ones. lucky I added extras~

It may be a while before I get another pm though. Took me almost 3 years before I got one. And I didn't even buy it for myself!

Ah well.

Until Next Month?

We'll see. Hopefully I don't get dumped into another slump or somethin' XD ... *knocks on wood*

Keep staying awesome guys. Love you~!

-Alex (A.K.A. :iconshadowfan996:)

Soul teaches Ken a few tricks by Drazerii By ~:icondrazerii:

Created by SimplySilent


SHADOWFAN996's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Ha, this is about a year old. Never really thought I'd put up an actual picture of myself as my da ID, but here ya go!

The audio files I have scattered around up there on my different pages are most likely songs that suit a certain character it's either above or underneath of. These are all also kind of different aspects of myself. Since I can't really find one main theme song for myself.

Anyway, if you wanna chat. Go on and send me a note or comment down below. I've made a resolution type thing where I will always reply to a comment I get. So you're all welcome to speak to me, although, I will apologize if my replies are late or spacey.


Here are My Friends and Acquaintances.





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